Mikamart is a Haitian women-owned online grocery store for all your favorite foods and other household needs. No matter how far you are... We'll bring Home to you!

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CariCom Barbie set of ruffle skirt with matching pink ruffle crop top with gold and white accents, modeled by Miss_Soy
  • Picture of half a bag of Aransò pile being poured into a pan of hot oil

    Aransò Pile

    Our Aransò Pile by Belkizin saves you the trouble of having to “clean” your aransò! Skip the prep time and simply tear open a bag and pour into your favorite recipes as you would with your home-prepped aransò! Use in pate kòde, eggs, spaghetti, chiktay and more.

  • Café Lux

    The perfect blend of traditional taste and aroma, this luxurious blend is made of 100% organic Arabica seeds grown on the high mountains of Jacmel, Haïti. Have a gourmet morning with Café Lux!

  • Haitian Lalo

    Our Lalo comes straight from L'Artibonite, Haiti. It is top quality, pre-cleaned and double-sealed for guaranteed freshness!

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